daily progress

my posts are not nearly keeping up the the work that’s been going on here in my kitchen and backyard. The last 2 days were spent planing, sanding, staining, and sealing. The bed of the camera was made from 20 pieces of 3.25″ x .25″ red oak. I think they use this stuff for floor molding. It’s rounded smooth on one side, and straight on the other. This wasn’t ideal, but it works. The varathane is drying on one side, and when that’s done, I’ll start attaching the front rail to the bed. The 6 boards on the backside of the bed(in the 2nd photo) are where the rails are going to rest, with the exception of the center 2, which are placed for structural support. Once this stuff dries and I get that front rail attached, I’ll post more photos.

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