The film is all done! This is probably my favorite of the over 50 sheets that I processed. There were all kinds of crazy things happening with the film. I could see where some of my darkroom locations weren’t totally light proof. Oops. There were particles of dust, pulled onto the film from static-charged dark slides, light leaks from less than perfect light traps, and of course the random separation of those end flaps on the film holders. There was a significant discovery with regard to the developer. I was having problems with uneven development, and was trying everything from softer agitation, flipping, more agitation, more concentrated developer, and anything else I could think of. I went down to Photographer’s Supply in San Francisco and brought a negative to show the guy there. He told me that Rodinal is a highly active developer during the first couple of minutes, and I might try something like D-76. I came up with D-76 1:3 @ 20 minutes, with 1 flip per minute. I also put a sheet of glass in the bottom of the tray to minimize the scratching on the film which flipping can cause. The problem is solved. No more Rodinal. I was mostly finished with the film before I made this discovery, but I’m just glad I figured it out. I still get uneven patches on occasion, but it’s a huge sheet of x-ray film, so there.I’ll be posting new images to my other site when everything from this last trip is ready.


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  1. David July says:

    This photograph is awesome! I grew up in this area and although the casino buildings on the Canadian side now join the Skylon and Minolta Towers, this is like the picture I have in my mind.

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