New York City

We finally got the New York shots today. I really wanted to get it right so I mapped out my shots. One film holder failed, but I’ll get the photos, they’ll just have that light-leaked film look on the edges. Today’s lesson, when you’re in a sensitive place such as a port in the NYC area and it’s after sunset, and the port authority police stop you, you could possibly go to jail. Unless of course your dad happens to be retired from the sheriff’s department, and he happens to be with you. Lucky break. Tomorrow we stop in New Haven Connecticut, then on to Boston Wednesday.

2 Responses to New York City

  1. Great venture by the way, re the problems with the law and shooting in ( sensitive ) public places, I think that generally you have more freedom to shoot what you like in the US than ( we do in ) the UK without being hassled, sadly we can’t always have a Dad form the Police Dept with us fending them off all the time. Although I believe that the police here have recently been instructed to be a lot more reasonable to photographers.

  2. Ken says:

    The idea of a terrorist trying to be inconspicuous with an absolutely massive camera is sort of unbelievable.

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