saggy bellows fix #3

This is probably going to work best! A method already employed by most all cameras with lengthy bellows, I don’t know why I didn’t try this first. Of course, I can’t say yet that the issue is solved outside of my living room with a wide angle, but the next shoot should provide those answers. This is a 1/8″ sheet of pvc which has been cut with a knife and placed in the center of the bellows without glue. I had initially thought to contact cement the frame, but maybe it’s no necessary?

3 Responses to saggy bellows fix #3

  1. Susanne says:

    I am so impressed by all the work and thought you put into this. Can’t wait to see the results of the Russian Hill shoot. I actually like all the scratches and light leaks on your first print.

  2. Lionel says:


    Congrats for your work.

    You may be interested having a look at the simple solution that Ebony use to solve bellows sagging on their 20×24 camera.

    Lionel (going large large format and xray film too :-) )

    • darren says:

      Hey Lionel,
      I just looked at the 20×24 Ebony and saw the metal bellows support. It’s simple, and looks like it works well. I’m assuming that it moves on a track with the bellows? Maybe I’ll look at it more seriously when I get home from my trip. Congratulations on your jump to LF/Xray.

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