Illuminator(light box)

So, I got around to building a light box. I was going to buy an x-ray illuminator box, but they start around $200 and I figured I could build one for less. Although I’m really getting tired of building things at this point. To ensure even light, and enough room for the negatives, I had to go with a 48″, 4 bulb troffer light($48). It’s huge(21.5″x45.5″). To diffuse the light, I got a sheet of white sign plastic from TAP for $48, and put it over the existing diffusor. The light is quite even, about as good as an x-ray illuminator, but I can still see the bulbs slightly. I’ll probably just add another sheet of the white sign plastic to fix that. That last photo is a view from my backyard at the top of the back steps. Next shoot will be tuesday night at the top of Russian Hill.

3 Responses to Illuminator(light box)

  1. Simon says:

    That last shot of your backyard is quite stunning -nice work!

  2. Jeff says:

    The photos look pretty good.
    If you want to diffuse the light even more, space the second layer of white plastic either above or below the first by at least 1/4 inch.
    I’ve tried a similar thing with tracing film and spacing the two layers apart was the only way it seemed to really make a big difference with the second diffusser layer.

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