Land’s End revisited


Yesterday I returned to Land’s End for a second shoot. This was the first outdoor/full sun shoot with the big camera since the last time I was here in February. It looks like I’ve got the light leak problem under control now. The new problem is wide angle coverage at infinity. Because the lens moves closer to the film plane as the subject distance increases, the image circle becomes smaller. Without going through the negatives I’ve already shot, I can say with almost certainty that this is the case. What this means simply is that I will have a slight, soft curved dark edge at one or both vertical sides of my shots. I’ll just crop these in the final print and live with it for now. I have my eye on another lens right now which would possibly fix the problem, but just barely(which is perfect)

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  1. Thom says:

    Actually, you can tilt your lens backwards just a bit and get rid of that vignetting. That is if you are stopped down pretty far; your depth of field will take care of it.

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