2nd Shoot


Finally, I’m getting some good results! Still work to be done, but It’s almost there.¬†Unfortunately for this shot, my plastic film holder was used, probably for the last time. It leaks, and I don’t think that can be remedied, as it’s glued ¬†together. I’ve already got 2 more holders started anyway. The latest problem now is with my enlarger’s light. It would appear that it doesn’t evenly cover the negatives when I make the contact prints, so I’m currently building a light box that will accept multicontrast filters and throw a bigger circle.

7 Responses to 2nd Shoot

  1. Kanichiro says:

    Your camera is outstanding! You must be very proud. You’ve inspired me to purchase a field camera, and give Large Format photography a try.

  2. Hugo says:

    Nice project! Just check out the docu. This picture I like the most. The light is amazing. Reminds me of a little cafe in Paris.

  3. This is a brilliant shot! I love the play of light and shadow here. Nice Work. I watched the documentary on Vimeo with a keen interest. Your camera (and the results you’re getting from it) are amazing!
    The X-Ray film is a nice work-around. Are traditional emulsions made in that size?

    thanks for sharing this.


  4. David July says:

    I really love this photograph. What is the location?

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