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Fulghum Fibres, Ohatchee Alabama

wood chipping facility for pulp and paper indusrty.

The Times-Picayune interview on

Matthew Hinton from The Times-Picayune in New Orleans sent this link to the interview we did a few days ago. It’s got a video and slide show, along with the article: “Photographer uses X-ray film to record landmarks around the country”


couldn’t resist.   Eastaboga, Alabama

U.S. Space and Rocket Center

Today we drove to theĀ U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville. My friend Destin, a rocket tester(who makes these cool videos), got us into the center with the camera. I took 4 shots and lost 2 due to equipment failure. Then we went for some real southern BBQ, and I completely forgot about the lost photos. I’m going to do nothing tomorrow.  

Algiers Point

Today is our last day in New Orleans. We took the ferry over to Algiers Point, where I met local photographer Chris Williams, who sent me these photos, and Times-Picayune staff photographer Matthew Hinton who took some photos and did a short video interview. The levy was blocked off because of the high water level, so I photographed the harbor patrol car that was parked on it instead of the cityscape I’d planned on.

2 more

Actually 1 more, but I always take 2 for insurance. There was some wind, but I’m not too worried.

Day 1

Today was the first day I got to shoot. 2 shots at St. Louis Cemetery #1 in the French Quarter. After 4 sheets of film, I had to pack it up. The heat combined with hi humidity made for a very unpleasant experience. I’ll try again this evening at Jackson Square, when the sun goes down.

Lens filters

The other day, I discovered that the slot in the side of my lens is for filters. I made these at our campsite today. Tonight I’ll take a couple of shots at Jackson Square. Tomorrow, Metairie Cemetery.

Road Trip

This Monday, I’m flying to New Orleans to meet up with my dad. We’re travelling across the country, and I’ll have the camera with me! The dates are loose, but so far I have a few locations: May 23-26 New Orleans Alabama (Birmingham area) May 30-June 1st or 2nd North Carolina (Charlotte?) Washington DC Philadelphia New York Boston Cleveland Chicago Sioux Falls Wounded Knee This trip is primarily a family trip that I invited myself along on, so I’ll be… (more…)

A short documentary

My friend Matthew Sultan made this great video documenting me and the beast.