Monthly Archives: April 2011

new photos

Yesterday I took the camera out twice. The first shoot suffered badly when both film holders failed due to the dark-slide catches separating from the holders, causing major light leakage. No big deal, the weather wasn’t so great anyway. The second shoot was at night on Russian Hill with some friends helping me out. I got exactly what I wanted, however, another film holder problem when both of the shots I took with the wide angle popped out of the… (more…)

saggy bellows fix #3

This is probably going to work best! A method already employed by most all cameras with lengthy bellows, I don’t know why I didn’t try this first. Of course, I can’t say yet that the issue is solved outside of my living room with a wide angle, but the next shoot should provide those answers. This is a 1/8″ sheet of pvc which has been cut with a knife and placed in the center of the bellows without glue. I… (more…)

Illuminator(light box)

So, I got around to building a light box. I was going to buy an x-ray illuminator box, but they start around $200 and I figured I could build one for less. Although I’m really getting tired of building things at this point. To ensure even light, and enough room for the negatives, I had to go with a 48″, 4 bulb troffer light($48). It’s huge(21.5″x45.5″). To diffuse the light, I got a sheet of white sign plastic from TAP… (more…)

printing has resumed

Today I tried what I’d been thinking about doing for a few weeks. I put a safe-light on my kitchen ceiling and replaced the light filter with 60% diffusion plastic from TAP, then sandwiched multicontrast filters with another piece of the diffusion plastic  on top, and hinged and fastened it all with gaffer’s tape. My new light source is even across the negatives like my enlarger never was. One more problem solved. I printed 2 negatives from sunday. There is clearly something… (more…)

Land’s End revisited

  Yesterday I returned to Land’s End for a second shoot. This was the first outdoor/full sun shoot with the big camera since the last time I was here in February. It looks like I’ve got the light leak problem under control now. The new problem is wide angle coverage at infinity. Because the lens moves closer to the film plane as the subject distance increases, the image circle becomes smaller. Without going through the negatives I’ve already shot, I… (more…)