Monthly Archives: February 2011

mostly fixed

I say mostly because completely just never fits here, it just doesn’t ever happen. The main failure of the camera came from its’ numerous light leaks. There were leaks where the bellows connect to the rear of the camera, and where they connect to the front. There were also leaks where the back frame that holds the glass is attached to the back of the camera, and there was a big leak with the spring-back not holding the film holders… (more…)

first shoot results

  500mm 1210mm It was the perfect day to shoot. The rain had moved on, and cleared the air. I had a group of friends helping out and supporting me on the inaugural shoot. Much later in the day, I setup the darkroom and processed the sheets. Honestly, it was a bit disappointing, but I’m used to these kinds of setbacks, and have no plans to give up. There were issues from developing tank scratches to light leaks to spotting, and… (more…)

Bellows lift

  This is one of those overlooked but critical details that finally got taken care of. There were 2 different designs I was working on, but they were too complicated. This one is perfect. The lift for the bellow comes from a 1/16″ sheet of abs plastic which is simply bent in an arc and held in place by its’ own force, against the rail guards. One less detail to worry about.


  There never seems to be a shortage of things to do. Today, I went to the thrift store down the street and picked up a couple of cheap, plastic cameras and made viewfinders from them. The finder on the right is from a 35mm panoramic camera, and works with the 500mm lens (wide angle), and the finder on the left is from some random camera which had a nice big viewfinder window, that I reduced by more than half… (more…)

film hanger

  The hanger took about an hour. Not much to do. I bent 2 3/16″x48″  stainless steel rods connected them to a straight rod at the top with 3/16″x.016″x18″ (x2) aluminum tubing (also connecting the bottom halves) which I bent slightly to get them to fit. The 5 clips are for x-ray film (ebay purchase), and work better than any clips I’ve tried so far. Many clips work fine when the film is dry, but once you get it wet, they… (more…)

Paper dark-slides

  The ends of the illustration board dark-slides have been stripped of a few layers,and coated with epoxy resin. They will be sanded next. My hope is that they will help keep the boards flat and make it easier for them to slide into the dark-slide catch. 2/15/2011 Update, this is a bad idea. paper doesn’t stay flat like plastic. The edge seemed like a good idea, and does what it’s supposed to do, but the boards weren’t staying uniformly… (more…)

paper film holder, ready to test

This design was based initially on the first holder I built out of plastics. I added felt light traps, 1/8″ aluminum flat bar, wood spacers, 3/16″ foam board, 24 ply mounting board, chip board, illustration board, and 1/16″ acrylic for the dark slide catch. The layers were bonded with Super 77, acrylic bonded with Weld-On, and felt attached with Glue-Touch. The dark slides are illustration board. They are getting a bit frayed at the ends, so I’m thinking about dipping… (more…)