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photo-paper box

this box will hold sheets of photo paper once I cut down the mural roll. I will have to blackout my kitchen first.

developing tank leak test

The tank is still sitting in my tub. Everything looks good, I just want to leave it overnight to make sure. The photo-paper box is built, but I have to seal and paint one of the lids.

photo-paper box

  this is a design for a light proof box that I’m going to build tomorrow. The box will hold the photo paper after I cut the mural roll down to 15″x37″ sheets.

new lens

  I have this Schneider Symmar 300/500 shutterless convertible lens that I use with my Anniversary Graphic, which seems to cover the entire 14″x36″ frame when used as a 500mm lens. The edges are a little soft, but, acceptable. I’m assuming that this works because the image circle has doubled to around 1000mm due to bellows extension. I really don’t care how it works, very happy to have a wide angle.

tank update

As the tank was being filled, it took on a very “organic” shape, which caused me great concern. I’m quite sure that I heard a cracking sound coming from one of the welds as well. I made a brace out of 1-1//2″ x 3/4″ poplar and stainless steel screws. During the first 2 water tests, I also found and repaired a few leaks. Now I will be able to safely fill the tanks to capacity and check for anymore leaks.… (more…)

finished tank

  A 12 volt pump will be used to empty the chemistry from the tanks. This thing could also be used as a print washer.

developing tank

  The trays I made aren’t going to work for these negatives. It’s too much film that can scratch way too easy. I’ve decided to build a 3 chamber tank that I can simply drop a film hanger into. The fact that I live only a few blocks from TAP Plastics made this an easy decision. Of course, the trade off here is that I now need to fill these tanks with much more chemistry than the trays. I’ll use a… (more…)

New film holders

Designing the film holder has to be the most difficult parts of this project. I spent a month on the last one. The design is fine, but the search for better materials is constant. I’m going ultralight this time. These 2 holders are made(so far) from 3/16″ foam board and .040 chip board. Super 77 makes assembly quick and easy. The dark slides may end up being polyethylene, but illustration board is my current choice. These holders will weigh a… (more…)

short video

Watch this video on YouTube


Yesterday I glued cloth tabs with eyelets onto the bellows. Once laced with the nylon cord, they lifted the bellows up. There needs to be a bit more lift,but for now I can see a full image as long as I don’t use any front rise. At this point, I’m feeling done. There is always room for modifications and improvements, but the camera is ready to shoot.