Monthly Archives: December 2010


The camera folds down well. It measures 42″ x 25″ x 4.5″. I’m going to try and get the bellows straightened this week by glueing on some cloth tabs, grommeting them, and running a tight nylon cord through them.

The metal plates arrived today, ahead of schedule. The steel was too heavy,so I went with the 1/4 inch aluminum. It was easy to drill, and seems very capable of supporting the camera. Tonight I assembled the camera for the first time on the tripod, very exiting. At the top of the to-do list are the sagging bellows. I’m going to glue tabs and rings, and run a nylon cord trough, over the top of the bellows and pull it… (more…)

the end is near…I think

Things are slowing down a little. I’m taking a break for a couple of days. The front and rear standards are rigid, and strong enough to support themselves. The bellows need support to prevent sagging, so I’ll be gluing some tabs on them, and I still need to get that threaded rod in place for rear focusing(got the idea from my Shen Hao 4×5).

putting the pieces together

Tonight, I put all the pieces of the camera together. I was actually surprised that 6 feet of bellows and everything else fit into a space only 3 1/4 inches deep. A tight fit of course. ┬áThe camera, minus the lens, weighs 62.8 pounds. I will be adding the mounting plate next week, and I’m thinking that the camera will weigh in around 75 pounds when complete. I connected the bed to the rear, but I’ve been having some problems… (more…)

preparing to attach the rear standard

I was having trouble calculating where to attach the hardware and how to do it, so I built a simple scale model in Maya. It worked perfectly. I have already cut the 2″ x 2″ x .0625″ x 4.25″ angled aluminum, and tomorrow, I will remove a good chunk of wood from the rear. Everything should go smoothly…

rails installed

more drilling, sanding, countersinking, measuring, and cutting today. After work, I installed the back rail and rail-guards. After assembly, I extended the rails in both directions. This is going to be a big camera.

more progress

end of the day. Got the front rails in today. They ran out of bamboo at the hardware store, so the back rails might have to wait, but that’s ok because i’m still no finished with the mechanical aspects of my design.