Monthly Archives: November 2010

daily progress

my posts are not nearly keeping up the the work that’s been going on here in my kitchen and backyard. The last 2 days were spent planing, sanding, staining, and sealing. The bed of the camera was made from 20 pieces of 3.25″ x .25″ red oak. I think they use this stuff for floor molding. It’s rounded smooth on one side, and straight on the other. This wasn’t ideal, but it works. The varathane is drying on one side,… (more…)

bed layout

This is a nearly finished layout for the bed of the camera. I’ll use a long threaded rod to do critical focusing from the rear, while the front will simply pull out like a drawer. The square in the center is the steel plate which will be bolted opposite and attached to the tripod base. The front standard rail has an extra piece in the front center for a possible second tripod mount. Right now, I’ve cut the vertical (6)… (more…)

Happy Birthday to Me

Today I test shot the camera for the first time. It’s far from done, but I needed to know that it would work. The left side of the negative(in the photo) is blank because the bellows were sagging and blocking the view. It was getting too dark to re-shoot, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning.

So far…

Well, here it is, so far. The front end has been my focus for the last week, aside from the trays. You can see a section of the camera bed in the far right, background. After the bed is complete, I will begin to build the tracks for the front and rear standards.

Developing trays

Today, I finished the 3 large trays needed to process the 36″x14″ film sheets. 1/8″ poplar board trays,¬†polyurethaned on the outside, and painted and epoxied on the inside.