Monthly Archives: October 2010

First film holder is finished

After over a month of toil, my first film holder is ready. It’s going to need some improving on, as far as light-tightness goes, but it should be fine if I keep it covered when not in use. Here are some photos from yesterday. The design layout needs to be updated, but when It’s done, I’ll post a PDF. removing gloss 36″x14″ film holder hinged flap dark-slide “go”

ground glass layout

ground glass framelines layout, click here

First light test results. The edges seem light tight, but there is obvious leakage coming from the dark slide entrance slot (1), and a bit at the opposite end on the corners. The light hit the dark slide (4), which is hi-gloss, and left dark streak from a reflection. I think? Anyway, there’s no light trap where the dark slide enters the holder, so I need to work on that. We’ll see how the next test goes.

one more thing

i decided to keep the lens. Didn’t want to wait and wait for another to come along. I’m sure I’ll be looking for another one soon enough.

working on the film holder

right now, I’m testing my half-built film holder. It’s outside in the sun with 2 strips of film, sitting at opposite ends to check for light leaks. If all goes well, I will start on the other side and maybe start on another holder or 2. The film holder has to be the most difficult piece of the puzzle so far. it has to be precise and light-tight. We’ll see how I do. I will be posting many more photos… (more…)