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“From The Road” photos are up today

The exhibition “From The Road” closes today, and I’m happy to announce that the photos can be viewed at my site Not all of the photographs in this series made it to the gallery, but I’ve included them here.

Tips From The Top Floor

Last Tuesday morning, I had an interview with Chris Marquardt. Chris produces “Tips From The Top Floor”, the longest running photography podcast. We talked for about an hour, and he just released it today. You can listen to it here , or  do a search for Tips From the Top Floor in itunes, and download episode # tfttf517 – Great Big Camera. I don’t see it there yet, but I’m sure it will be available shortly.

New Video

My pal Destin over in Alabama just finished a video he made when we went to the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville Alabama.

Catching Up

It’s been a while since I updated this blog, and I have plenty to post. Wayne Freedman’s story aired August 16th and can be seen  here I don’t know how many hours we spent shooting and re-taking, but he distilled an entire day into a story, told in 2 minutes and 53 seconds. I still haven’t asked him how he heard about me and my camera, but I’m glad he did. Wayne’s a true professional, and it was a privilege to work… (more…)

ABC 7 News

On Tuesday, July 26, I spent the day with Wayne Freedman from KGO 7 who taped my story for the news. Wayne is very detail oriented,  a perfectionist. We re-shot every scene 2 or 3 times, starting at Treasure/Yerba Buena Islands, moving to the restaurant, and finally  my apartment/darkroom/workshop. Starting just before noon and finishing sometime after 5. It was like being at work all day, only much more fun. I’ll post the air date as soon as I get… (more…)

Upcoming Exhibition

Popular Science photo shoot

These photos were taken on June 30, when I was photographed  for Popular Science. They’re doing an article on me and the camera for the September issue. There will also be video available on Popular Science+.


The film is all done! This is probably my favorite of the over 50 sheets that I processed. There were all kinds of crazy things happening with the film. I could see where some of my darkroom locations weren’t totally light proof. Oops. There were particles of dust, pulled onto the film from static-charged dark slides, light leaks from less than perfect light traps, and of course the random separation of those end flaps on the film holders. There was… (more…)

Donner Lake, Truckee California. Last day shooting

So, it looks like today was the last day of shooting before I go back to San Francisco. I might do a couple of long exposures out back tonight, but that will really be it. Lugging a 70 pound camera across the United States has made me tired all over, and I’m looking forward to being home.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Today was a short one. I took three shots, the Orange Spring Mound at Mammoth Spring’s upper terrace, Castle Geyser , near Old Faithful, and Old Faithful, which I have no photo record of because it started spewing as I was trying to setup. It was a rush job.